Posted on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 at 8:20 am    

We let expectations play a huge role in our happiness and satisfaction. If you go out to eat and order steak you expect a steak to arrive at your table. When the waitress brings you a cheeseburger you’re not happy. Why? You like cheeseburgers, a cheeseburger would curb your hunger but you expected a steak to arrive at your table. Even if the steaks aren’t as good as the cheeseburgers at the restaurant you would still want your steak because that’s what you ordered and expected to eat for dinner. The same holds true with Botox. If you expect your lines to be erased with Botox then you’re not going to be satisfied after your money is spent on the injection. But if you know what you’re paying for and that’s what you receive then it’s the best money you spent all month. So here’s what you can expect from Botox so you can really enjoy its full potential. You can treat multiple conditions with Botox; migraines, hyperhidrosis, twitches, the list goes on but for the purpose of this post we are just going to talk about what it’s famous for in Dermatology- lines in motion.

Lines in motion versus lines at rest. It’s important to know the difference between “lines in motion” and “lines at rest.” If you stare into a mirror and frown as hard as you can you’ll see “11” lines between your eyebrows, those are lines in motion. Botox prevents your muscles from being able to make your mean face which is the motion that makes the lines at rest. Overtime, if you keep up with your Botox you will see your lines at rest soften. Soften not disappear. Expect the lines in motion to disappear. But remember, without Botox lines in motion become lines at rest.

Botox lasts 3-6 months. Pray for 6 but expect 3. For some it could be six months and others it could be three. Don’t expect one injection to be all you need in your lifetime. That’s like going to the gym once and expecting that to be all your body needs. Sure it helps, but it’s not going to whip you into shape. Expect multiple treatments.
Botox can start working in 1-3 days but isn’t in full effect for two weeks. Some people may notice one area kicking in quicker. It is what it is at two weeks. Another reason not to come in on your wedding day expecting results.

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Lainey Armstrong, Medical Aesthetician