Posted on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 at 8:20 am    

Have you heard of Kendra Scott? It’s one of the most popular choice for women’s jewelry. They carry everything you can imagine and even allow self-design. Depending on where you live, it can be impossible to get what you want unless of course you order online and wait. The wait is an excruciating painful 7-10 business days and who is patient to pay shipping and wait for their splurge to come in the mail after almost 2 weeks.

The new line just came out and I of course had to get my hands on some. After browsing the only store in own that carries it I quickly knew I was going to order online and wait for my purchase to come in. But if you know Kendra Scott jewelry, you know that I could have gone to almost any boutique and find something that looks almost exactly like the necklace I want. Well, that’s how the world of beauty products works.

People want a Louis Vuitton, but not a knock off. People want a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, not a NYX kit that basically is the same thing. But why? It’s called marketing and choice. Marketing trains your mind on what’s the latest and greatest and what’s not. You probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if there was no box, no label, and no proof that it’s not the real thing. A real Louis Vuitton purse however is a higher quality than the knock off, so in most instances you do get what do pay for. That’s where choice plays a big part. Marketing however, primes you to make manufactures choices, which can lead to less safe options.

When it comes to skin care products, how do you know you’re getting what you pay for? How ARE YOU sure if you spend your money, the product is actually going to work? Are you just paying for something that’s been branded into your mind as “good”, but really the same as a dollar general brand just in a different bottle? I’m not sure my answer is good for you because I would wait an extra 7-10 business days for Kendra Scott, and I don’t know if it’s because I truly love it, or the ”marketing”. It’s my job as your skin care expert to make sure you know what products to use and where to get them. That’s the reason we offer skin care products at Wallis Dermatology. We sort through the thousands of options that are available to you. So you can choose what is best for you.
Here are a few tricks to help you start in decision making as it relates to skin care.

1. Sunscreen every morning and Retinol every night. These are the most important! Adding a mineral sunscreen to your morning regimen will help prevent the harsh effects from the sun. Retinol and RetinA help with fine lines, acne, and will give you a nice fresh glow when used properly.

2. Exfoliate, exfoliate, and exfoliate! If you’re not into the gritty scrub feeling, there are light acid exfoliator creams you can apply and leave on all day. Easy huh?

3. Nothing harsh. If it burns when you use it, it’s likely bad for you. You may think “it’s working” but it’s most likely creating big problems for your skin. For example, alcohol based toners that burn are drying and create tons of irritation and redness

4. Avoid fragrance, colors, additives and the frilly products.

5. Do Not Waste Your money! Unless your money grows on trees in your backyard and in that case, what’s your address?

I hope the above reminders and tips are helpful when you are addressing your beauty needs. Next time you are at our beauty counter, ask to speak to an expert about any concern. We have dermatologists on staff because we believe in giving our clients the best service than they pay for. Don’t fall for the marketed products that falsely put “dermatologist recommended” on their packages. Choose intelligently by being knowledgeable and educated, so come see us, we’d love to get you on the right skin care path!skincare