Top 10 Best Eye Treatments

Posted on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 at 8:21 am    

They say that eyes are the windows to the soul If you believe this, then you agree that the eyelids are the window treatments that you see the soul through. Many people don’t come to see me seeking treatment for around the eyes but after they are treated there they absolutely love how refreshed, awake, and youthful small tweaks to the eyelids have made them feel. There are lots of safe, effective treatments for the eyelids but beware this is a high risk area to treat and you should seek an expert healthcare provider when treating this area. Here are some of my favorite treatment options for treating lines, wrinkles, crepe paper like eyelids skin dark circles and dreaded “bags.”

1. Blepharoplasty- This is a surgery where they repair or reconstruct the eyelid. We don’t perform this at Wallis Dermatology Associates but this is a good option for some people.

2. Filler- I personally think this is the easiest way to “botch” the eyelids. It’s a high risk area to inject and can even cause blindness. Sometimes if you inject midface instead it can pull the skin under the eyes which looks natural and works wonders. Warning: seek an expert, please!

3. Botox- the FDA has approved 24 units for “crow’s feet” if your main focus is to enhance your smile while softening your “crow’s feet” the Botox is the way to go. Warning: seek an expert. When injected incorrectly this could cause a “shelf” look to the cheek when smiling. FYI: This is my personal favorite location to have injected. It opens my eyes to help me look so refreshed compared to how tired I am with two kids under 3. I also love that my make-up no longer settles in my lines when I smile because I don’t have those lines anymore therefore my makeup stays in place and looks smooth!

4. Growth Factor- This is the precursor to collagen. It’s a hot ingredient right now and guess what? You don’t have to pay all that money for a poorly studied procedure (cough, vampire facial, cough) to get the benefits of growth factor. It is an unstable molecule so you need a good researched skin care product to reap the benefits. My favorite is ZO Growth Factor Serum. It works it’s like magic and it can’t be reproduced. It tells your collagen factory, which starts slacking with age, to make more collagen. I recommend for acne prone skin, damaged skin, aging skin and anyone who does micro needling. If you tend to be dry it has moisturizing properties which help nourish the skin.

5. Hyaluronic Acid- They Hydrating Serum we now carry is a current addiction of mine. Imagine a cream that fairies make with water from the fountain of youth and then travel via unicorn to a factory where it’s bottled up just for your skin. That’s the feeling I get and what I dream of as I apply The Hydrating Serum to my face. I wish I could take a bath in it so my skin stays forever young and forever moisturized. It contains Hyaluronic Acid which gives your skin an instant plumping and when used over time it allows your skin to make more collagen resulting in reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, redness and irritation. Come get you some, you can thank me later. Your eyelids will go from scratchy potato sacks to silk curtains before you know it!

6. Sunscreen- To prevent premature photo aging around the eyes you should apply at least a 30 SPF Broad spectrum, waterproof sunscreen daily and then reapply every 2 hours while outdoor. My favorite is the Elta 40 tinted. It’s moisturizing and tinted to help reduce the natural redness I have and gives me some color.

7. Revitalash- This is a nonprescription lash serum that is effective for lengthening, darkening and thickening lashes! It’s very cost effective compared to eyelash extensions but it is also great to use with eyelash extensions. Many people don’t realize how not having dark, thick long lashes really can mature your appearance.

8. Ablative- This is thought of like some people may think of laser, but it is not a true laser because there is no laser light. Its essentially micro needling that causes a thermal change in the skin to give you the awesome results a lot faster but with a little bit more down time. It breaks up the top layer of skin and makes your body rebuild collagen. It tightens the skin helping fine lines, wrinkles, crepe paper like skin and sagging around the eyes. There is some downtime with this procedure and we normally treat the entire face instead of just around the eyes, but when you see before and after pictures of people who have had this done, you won’t care of what kind of labor you have to go through to get those babies!

9. Micro needling- Less down time than the ablative and when used with that awesome ZO Growth Factor you can get some really awesome results that will leave your skin looking refreshed and retextured!

10. ZO Intensive Eye Repair- An awesome eye cream that really works. It has a whisper of retinol in it to help rebuild collagen and elastin and smooth out those fine lines and wrinkles! It also has Optical Light Diffusers to help reflect light to help hide imperfections.
I encourage you to come see us at Wallis Dermatology and let us consult with what would be the best option for you to refresh and renew those window curtains to the soul!


Lainey Armstrong, Medical Aesthetician